Assessment Format

Online Assessments

We recommend that you join the virtual Zoom waiting room 5-10 minutes before your assessment, and your assessor will let you in when he/she is ready to begin. If you haven't tutored using Zoom before then please test that your camera and microphone work well and practise using any of the tools you intend to use.

You will be able to share your screen or ask the assessor to share their screen. Your assessor will also have a graphics tablet which will allow you to watch as they write, or they can annotate any document you send. This is in your hands, so please direct your assessor to do what allows you to tutor best.

All online assessments are automatically recorded to monitor consistency and a high standard across every assessment.


Face to Face Assessments

When you arrive at the venue please take a seat and wait for your assessor to greet you and invite you to sit with him/her. If you see that your assessor is alone then you are welcome to approach him/her and introduce yourself, but please ensure that you don't interrupt a earlier assessment. We recommend arriving a few minutes early at the assessment venue to ensure that you are relaxed and comfortable.

Lesson Procedure

The lesson will last a maximum of 15 minutes, but please don't rush to fit a complete lesson into that time; a complete 15 minute lesson will not be scored more favourably than the first 15 minutes of a 1 hour lesson. Please don't be conscious of the time, just focus on tutoring well and your assessor will ask you to stop after 15 minutes. Your lesson can be shorter than 15 minutes, but it should be at least 10 minutes.

After your lesson has finished your assessor will thank you and will mark your assessment once you have left the venue/left the Zoom meeting. Your assessor will not know your overall grade; the overall grade is determined once your assessor has transferred the assessment scores to Tutoring Standards, and you will discover your overall grade via an email 4 days after your assessment. You will then be able to read a review of your assessment on our website.