About Us

Private tuition remains a largely unregulated industry. There are many concrete criteria which can inform one's choice of tutor, such as experience, qualifications and results of the tutor's past students, but it is more important that a tutor understands and practises the tuition method.

Tutoring Standards is the only body to train and award qualifications in the practice of one-to-one teaching. Unfortunately, tuition is incorrectly seen as very similar to teaching groups of students, which has led to a prevalence of classroom teaching styles in one-to-one lessons. Our role is to help tutors to understand the tuition method through training, and provide accreditation once a tutor is proficient in the method.

Our pedagogy has been developed over more than a decade, and builds upon teaching philosophies which have existed for thousands of years. The most obvious difference between the tuition method and classroom teaching is that tuition is student-led and focusses on the student's ability to demonstrate understanding.

We are not a tuition agency, and do not offer a list of qualified tutors, nor do we provide further information about a tutor's experience or academic proficiency. If you are a student or a parent, we do provide a service whereby you can check the courses attended and qualifications which a tutor has been awarded. You will need to ask your tutor for his/her unique 12 character tutor ID which should be entered below.